About Us

Over the past few years, instrumentation systems and automation industries were subjected to significant, changes. Not only were these changes of a technical nature, with significant advances in many product areas, but also this period has been very difficult among the end users whose plants depends upon instruments and control systems. This turmoil among automation and instrumentation suppliers has had a significant effect on the ability of the end user engineers to find familiar products, and locate companies for service of existing installed equipment. HIGHSCOPE Engineering FZC has the capability and also expertise to understand your control system right from the integration of field instruments (i.e. from hardwired to fieldbus etc..) to your plant supervisory system and beyond. Our advantage is in having Electrical, Automation and instrumentation division under one roof. Hence we are able to design control system which integrates easily with your electrical panels (i.e. LV,MV panels, motor control centers, energy metering, power management system etc) and also field instruments. We as a company aim at adding value to your business by providing the right solutions and products to your ELECTRICAL, INSTRUMENTATION & CONTROL requirements for both hazardous and safe area.


Our products range from simple low voltage switchgear panel for commercial building to complex & specialized automation panels for oil and gas sector. Our bussiness area of interest are Process automation, Hazardousa area automation, Distributed control system, Electricals systems (Low voltage) & Instrumentaion. Our principle idea is to focus at state of art technology & customise it to suit your requirement in the field of control, instrumentation & electrical.

Our Mission

is to come up with reliable, secure and environmentally-responsible solutions to all your complex & simple Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation requirements in Hazardous as well as safe areas. Especially to those customers who are affected by the background of profound global changes in the field of instrumentation and automations. To achieve this mission we continuously educate our engineers and share knowledge of the products right from the industrial era (i.e. pneumatic systems) to the latest electronic version amongst ourselves.

Our Vision

is to further diversify our departments to carter to the various solutions that we already offer right from using a relay logic / DDC controllers to plant wide distributed control system and create dedicated units with dedicated solutions by making the best of our expert resoursces and capability, thereby being able to serve a wider protfolio of customers requiring solutions ranging from simple to complex ones.