Distributed Control System

Distributed control system when designed should measurably improves plant wide operations, performance, alarm management and asset utilization and should be able to handle modern manufacturing enterprise.
Highscope Engineering has the capability to offer DCS (Distributed Control System) for Medium to large size plant. While designing the control system we make sure that there is Increased plant availability with Flexible Modular Redundancy at all levels and with no single point of system failure.
DCS is designed in such a way that we can offer segregation based on the Process Control signal, Emergency shutdown signal and also fire & gas signal. All these signal if required could be designed with one single controller or individual controllers depending on the failure rate required.

Some of the advantage that we offer in our DCS system designs are
  • System capability to grow with the plant from pilot plant to full scale facility
  • Continuity with the same engineering tools and same “look and feel”
  • Minimized risk by buying and using only what you need and whe n you need it
  • No re - training and easy, fast, and cost effective “scale - up”
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership regarding hardware, engineeri ng, training, & maintenance
Some of the advantage of opting for a single integrated platform is
  • Access to all information; the right information in the right place, at the right time
  • Uniform visualization across your facility with a common view
  • Everything works together with reduced operator intervention
  • training and increased employee utilization
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership and life cycle costs by reduc ed design, engineering, installation and commissioning, and improved diagnostics



Our core idea or the design while offering a distributed system is to integrate all automation processes into a single system, optimizing all the processes in your enterprise over the entire life cycle of your plant, resulting in a lower Total Cost of Ownership. We follow a consistent holistic integration approach. Your system can be optimally designed to your requirements, enabling fast and seamless integration of all system components from integration of basic modules all the way to third party systems.This significantly reduces downtimes, increases your plant‘s efficiency, and reduces operational costs.